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I got a letter...

Over a year ago I posted something to this group and I just got a letter from someone in Canada who identifies herself as "E"

I completely forgot that she wouldn't be leaving an address if she was to keep the "Perks" spirit, but if she's still on here, I want to thank "E." I'm a lot better than I was a year ago, not so sad during the Holidays as previously stated since I'm over my ex- and have a new love : )

Some info on me:
I'm working on a thesis for "Fight Club" (the film), finishing out my senior year at the University of Louisville, running UofL's Film Committee (which programs our movie theatre), and have two films in development (hope to have one produced by the end of this summer).

So that's my life and I hope you are well "E." I recommend the following:

"Children of Men" for movies and "Fight Club" if you haven't seen it yet.

Most things by Lupe Fiasco. His song "Sunshine" reminds me of my girl : )

"World War Z" by Max Brooks is amazing, as well as "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller. (lol both are in crazy different realms of interest. "Z" is an oral history of the zombie war and is IMMENSELY well detailed. "Jazz" is a regular dude talking about his thoughts on spirituality, which was refreshing to hear someone discuss the same issues I bounce around in my head. If either of these don't sound good, at least read the first two chapters and then decide.)

Anyway, I don't know if "E" is on, so for those in the Perks community, I hope you guys are swapping letters and life is good.

If anyone needs to send a letter or wants to be sent one, here's my address/e-mail me yours

Remington Smith
Box 920494
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
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